Thursday, 28 February 2008

An Inchie Album by Louly

This is just one of many inspirational items on Louly's blog - Click HERE to see this creation on Louly's Blog


Louly said...

Aw bless you! Thank you so much, I'm very flattered to think you found my inchie album inspirational. I like the idea of your blog and also the mystery behind who you are, you've made me very curious. What you are doing is fantastic, especially so because you don't want to take any praise/credit personally. But you know what? I think you deserve a big hug and a pat on the back because you are doing a service for people by spreading inspiration. Sorry, this comment has turned into a novel!lol. Watch out, I'll be back!

Paula said...

All the art on here so far is stunning!

Jo said...

Beautiful inchie book, i'd never have thought it possible!! brilliant! *claps*