Saturday, 15 March 2008

Lynette's 'He still Believes' Layout

I have been following Lynette's blog for several months - she is so talented and I'm delighted that she has allowed me to feature her here. It was very hard to choose just one creation to feature because her blog is jam packed with inspiring pieces so my advice is to make yourself comfy and spend some time reading her blog.

She is also very funny and I have literally laughed out loud at my computer screen while reading some of her blog posts ~ In a nice way Lynette ;)
To see this fantastic layout on Lynette's blog click HERE
Click HERE to go to the most recent blog entry :)


Beth said...

Very nice layout design!

dougnat said...

wow!! totally fabulous!!!

Alli Miles said...

This is incredible! What a beautiful layout.

Chris said...

this is a beautiful layout!! I just found this site and will be checking it often.