Friday, 6 June 2008

Hanne's Beautiful work

I am featuring Hanne for you all to see, because her work is so beautiful and there's always so much detail and i just love it . It was so hard just to picking 4 pieces so you can find Hanne's blog HERE and see all her wonderful work for yourselves.


Dreamer said...

This is lovely - What beautiful colours

Lim said...

I'm extremetly happy to see Hanne's work here. She really deserved this so much because her work is fabulous. Her coloring is always amazing. Her layouts and color combinations is always stunning, out of this world. I'm her #1 Fan but I know she have a lot more people that follow her blog everyday. Also she's an amazing person and a dearest friend. I'm so happy for you Hanne.


Heidi said...

Im so happy to see Hannes work in this blog. She is so talented and she really deserved this


Camilla said...

Congratulations Hanne!! This is well deserved!:) You make the most fantastic creations. Hugs from Camilla.