Monday, 23 June 2008

Heather's Fantastic '50' Card!!

I love love love this card. I found Heathers blog via my site meter and I'm so glad I did as its full of beautiful creations and this card jumped out at me I think it's superb!!
My husband celebrates his 50th birthday this year and I'd love to do something similar..maybe I'll lose the flowers and change the colours though lol
You can find this card on Heathers blog HERE
Thanks for letting me feature your lovely card Heather :)


Anice said...

Beautiful card..but then all Heathers cards are fantastic!!

Tee said...

love the butterfly accent! beautiful card too!

Dawn said...

I know Heather and her cards are lovely, this is superb for a 50th birthday. Well done Girl!!!

Heather (Craftling) said...

Thanks for your kind comments, and thank you, Julie, for featuring my card! I have often drooled and swooned over the uber-awesome creations on this blog, and dreamed I would one day be among them, but never really expected it. I am thrilled to bits, and a better 50th birthday present I could not have wished for! :o)