Tuesday, 17 June 2008

These flowers are made by Suz she is a dear friend of mine and fellow craft buddie, so I am lucky to see these and many other delights that come out of Suz's craft room. She is such an inspiration as she not only produces amazing scrapbook pages and paper folding projects, but she also creates and uses almost all her own papers. Her blog is a pleasure to read as it incorporates not only her craft projects, but her love of her 3 *uber* cute and sometimes crafty cats, but her love of flowers in her garden too.

I am working on her at the moment, to try and get her to produce a tutorial of some of her paper folding projects for Inspirational's Tips & Techniques blog.

You can see this paper flower and more of Suz's work here


Julie said...

Oh WOW This is stunning isn't it Jane!!!

Fingers tightly crossed that Suz will share some of her tutorials

Max said...

Oh Me ... Oh My ! WOW!!!
Totally gorgeous.

Lauren said...

I have made some of these flowers before!! very easy and they look great! but never seen them made into a beautiful star before it looks great!

Dawn said...

How beautiful is this - it's amazing what you can do folding paper. stunning!

Jane said...

They certainly are fab, Suz also prints her own paper which is stunning, one of my favourites of hers was actually produced and inspired by photographing canteloupe melon skin