Monday, 28 July 2008

Becca's Beautiful Cards..

Becca's cards have the Wow! factor. I love their designs, wide ribbons and lovely bows with gorgeous embossing. Beautifully crafted you will enjoy every second of her blog and don't forget to look at previous posts as there are plenty more stunning cards to see. The pink flower card featured here also has a little tutorial. So go visit Becca's blog HERE, it will be truly worthwhile.


Julie said...


They are all stunning !!

Off to visit Becca's blog :)

Anita Kurtz said...

Seriously! Great techniques!!!

Anonymous said...

!!!!!! Beautifull !!!!!
!!!!! Elegance !!!!
!! Card !!

Salute !!!

Debi said...

What beautiful cards!!
Have to go take a ppeek at her blog!

Lavender Rose said...

These cards are stylish and elegant...perfect!

Nasir said...

These designs are awesome.

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