Friday, 4 July 2008

Funky inspiration!

Fatma is such a diversely creative soul! She makes the most extraordinary pieces of art which are truly unique to her. She's a master of technique and colour. Just look at these examples: This is 'Showgirls'


'Dance' - mixed media piece as Guest Designer/Host


Recycling, the SOYB way, this gorgeous belt is made from lids! (Yes, really!)


And is this not the quirkiest creation?! Love it!


To see even more of Fatma's creations and feast your eyes, go HERE.


Julie said...

Oh my !!!

I totally love all of these creations off to check out Fatma's blog :)

Dawn said...

amazing Creations!

Sheila D said...

These are incredible. Must check out her blog. Thanks for leading me there.

Sarah aka Flo said...

these are amazing! I have a real need for BRIGHT colours at the moment. Off to look at her bloggy...

crissi said...

wonderful creations love all these.