Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sija's beautiful artwork!

If you like handmade backgrounds combined with nostalgic pics or amazing stamped images, you'll love Sija's blog. She made this beautiful piece for a challenge and I fell in love with it immediately:


I know her blog is in Dutch, but if you take time to drool over her artwork and follow some of the links, you will end up on a visually stimulating journey... plus there are some amazing techniques for making your own fabric-paper, for instance, like this one:


For more mouth-watering artwork, go HERE! (Take hankies, dribbling is bad for your keyboard!)


Anonymous said...

Rosie,thank you so much for honoring me on your blog!I also want to thank you for your big compliments about my art work.

Anonymous said...

Your works inspire me. Antique and romantic. I admire.

I salute cordially - Lengow

Julie said...

WOW Beautiful creations and look at those backgrounds WOW Superb!

Rosie said...

Sija - It's our great pleasure - you so deserve to be on here!