Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Altered Cutlery

I was initially surprised when I saw this, but then I looked again and really liked what I saw. How many of us have got the odd bit of cutlery that we are no longer happy to use for the purpose that it was designed for I wonder??? Well maybe you could alter it and make a feature of it like Kyla did.... Check it out and more on Kyla''s Blog


Dawn said...

Great find Jane

Wonderful and different!

Jane said...

Yep, thats what I thought too!

Jorunn said...

Wow... how cool is that!!!!
Off to check her blog!!!
Great find!

Fryne said...

well, I've seen such spoons made by my friend Agnieszka-Anna
and I like them more than those you show here, even if Kyla did a good job :P