Friday, 5 September 2008

Crazy Mom's Fabric Boxes

Amanda Jean has a blog called Crazymomquilts. I think it should be called "awesome girl quilts and makes all sorts of other things that make you wish you were a sewing pro" but I didn't know her when she picked the title. (haha)

Ok so what Amanda Jean has done recently that's blowing my mind is this:

She didn't BUY these awesome boxes. She MADE them! And you can too! She gives step by step instructions. It's just straight stitching! I think all those hundreds of you who got that cute little Janome machine can do this too. I"m going to try some very soon.

Want more pics? Of course you do. *please note the adorable lable holder she sewed on! And also selvages are not trash for her, she will make something amazing with those later I'm sure.*

Ok if you are thinking you are ready for some super adorable storage cubes head to THIS link and Amanda Jean will show you how.

Two more things.

1. They are made using cardboard that you cut down from boxes in your kitchen. Love the trash to treasure nature of that.

2. What could we do with these? Well I think they would make just the most adorable baby shower gift don't you? Or sew up a vinyl lining and use them in the bathroom? And of course use them in your craft room! Tell us what YOU want to do with them.


Jorunn said...

Beautiful boxes, love that you can make your own in exactly the size and shape you need!
Off the check out her blog....

Julie said...

These are fantastic !!!

Ethel Amutan said...

The boxes look super fun! I think I can make these! What a neat way to use up scrap fabric, also. Her blog is so awesome. I love the quilts she's finished!

Dawn said...

Wow these are great - brilliant idea!