Thursday, 18 September 2008

Do you make craft videos?

Hi everyone I have just posted this request on the tutorial blog

I'm a big fan of Kristina Werner's "Make a card Monday" videos and have noticed while blog hopping that a lot of crafters have started making their own videos showing how they craft.

I would love to have a video section on

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So if you have a video of yourself making a card or any other craft and would like to share please leave a comment HERE or email and I will get back to you



Christine (Craftling) said...

Great idea!! Saw a fab video on Becca's blog recently. :o)

Chris xx

Dawn said...

Oooh this is a really good idea - how great to see everyone in their little crafting world!!
P.s Louly has a fab new tutorial for a new design of card on her blog too!

Inger Hjelm said...

Hello !
I do not have a video but if there is anyone who wold like too see my work i will be more then happy too
share with me !!!
Take care, kind regards from