Monday, 13 October 2008

Green With Envy (but they're very pretty greens!)

Now I only get time to make one recommendation a week, these days, so forgive me.. I am going to make the most of it, photographs-wise! ;o)

I have been getting quite adventurous in my hopping lately, and found myself in a strange land where I didn't speak the lingo, but it was an enchanted forest of delicate and fresh green. These are a selection of the most gorgeous green-ness you could wish to see.

They are from ZHANNA, and I'm afraid I don't know which country you're in, Zhanna... all I know is that the language was Cyrillic in style, so Russia, possibly? Belarus? Ukraine? Please forgive my ignorance! And the other thing I'm glad of is that you knew enough English to say 'yes' when I asked you! ;o)

Zhanna's beautiful blog is HERE. Do go and spend a moment or three, and say hello.


Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Gorgeous work! I love Zhanna's fresh colours and all the sweet details of the collage style. SO pretty! :O)

gypsyscrap said...

Really nice greens! Love the colour and the style! Great to see Zhanna's works here!

Julie said...

Oh they are wonderful!!!

Jorunn said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!!
Love all the pretty greens!!!

Kari said...

Beautiful! I belive she is from Russia.

Zhanna said...

Christine, thank you very much! I'm from Russia) ;-)