Sunday, 28 December 2008

Amusing Muses

Trawling the net for blogs to give you inspiration, I stumbled across Alberta and Ava's blog: Amusing Muses and fell in love with their quirky take on life, and their gorgeous artwork. Here is what they say about themselves
We're Ava and Alberta: sisters, teachers, and artists. We've been dreaming together since we jumped off our chest of drawers, believing we could fly. Our closet became our spaceship, a magnolia tree our secret castle, and our grandmother's garden our enchanted kingdom. Our mother taught us the joy of creating and the art of nonsense. We learned embroidery on our grandmother's front porch and heard bedtime stories about sirens and gorgons and panthers stalking the woods at midnight. We believe in magic and silliness, in sisters and dreams, in lavender silk dresses and bottle trees, but, most of all, we believe in the strength of the creative spirit. We still believe we can fly.
I think their work speaks for themselves,so please go and have a look, get inspired, and learn to fly!


Julie said...

Oh I agree Jennie I'm a big fan of Alberta & Ava :)

Kris Dickinson said...

I, too am a BIG fan of Alberta and Ava's work! Congrats on being chosen for Inspirational ladies, you both definitely inspire me! - Kris

Dawn said...

Me too Julie - they are so unique and their posts are always wonderful!

Alberta and Ava said...

You ladies are the bomb! I've been away from my computer for a few days and just read this post, while I was doing my *almost-favorite-thing-in-the-world: drinking my morning coffee while it's still dark and no one else is awake.

Thank you so much for everything, but mostly thank you for the kindness and support you've offered me this year. Getting back into creating art, after such a long hiatus, seemed terrifying initially, but it proved to be a very happy endeavor because of the encouragement I recieved from friends (like you) each time I shared what was in my head (yikes, I know!)And to be featured on your Inspirational is unbelievable. It is YOU who inspire ME. It is because of YOU that I can keep creating, and that, dear ones, is my *very-favorite-thing-in-the-world.

So, thank you and much love in
the new year,