Monday, 8 December 2008

Perfectly Classy.

I thought I would give you all chance to take a peek at a blog I often look at for Inspiration. This blog belongs to Adele, who is an amazing person with two lovely young children - one of whom has Downs Syndrome.

I know Adele says she has been featured on the Inspirational site before, but I reckon her work is still worth acknowledging... Enjoy!

 This card is just so pretty. I love how the patterns and colours come together.
There is such an eye for detail on all of Adele's work, I'm sure you'll all agree.
I absolutely fell in love with these two cards..

To see more of Adele's great work, visit here.. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Love Jo xx


Julie said...

WOW They are lovely and I too love Adele's blog x

Tracey said...

Such pretty cards!!

camcraft said...

Totally amazing work. Just goregous. Adele is an amazing crafter, so talented. Such a lovely lady indeed.
Carole x

Dawn said...

So cute - love the details!

Helena said...

How cute are these cards!


Suzanne Vaughan said...

Adele is a fab person and crafter. I 'know' her on two forums and think her cards are FAB!

Sammi said...

Great choice Jo!! Adele is brilliant as is her work and her blog :)