Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Hi everyone.

I wanted to share this brilliant scrapbooker and cardmaker with you last week, but I haven't been very well. Anyway... here it is at last.. lol.

This fantastic blog belongs to the lovely Lythan. For me, as a person who has lots of empty scrapbooks and no pages in them, this is a site I often go to to look for inspiration.

Lythan is a great cardmaker too - which is why I am nominating this site today. Her craft talents are extraordinary. Lythan's use of papers, journalling, doodling combine to make a perfect page or card.

I just love the colours on this layout. They are bright, but not too overpowering. The different textures on this page are great too! Just look at the doodling! Fantastic!

This page is the one that inspires me most! There are more details on Lythan's blog on how to create the photograph effect. I just absolutely adore it!

I hope you go and take a look at this great blog .. although, be warned, you will need to fill up your pot of tea before you start! There are a few years worth of entries to help you spend your day browsing and 'aaahh-ing'

Thank you so much to Lythan for letting me feature her work.

Love to all,

Jo x


Marsza said...

Fantastic blog! I recommend This is fantastic. See:

Emma said...

Jo I love Lythans work as well!

Emma said...
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melody said...

whoa..lovin all that doodlin...fabulous los and design chickie