Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Mariannes jewlery boxes

Marianne is one of my greatest inspirations, and she never fail to amaze me!

Look at these jewelry boxes she made out of empty matchboxes.... !!!!! What a perfect way to "wrap" a jewelry you are giving as a present or just the jewelry box in itself would be a perfect gift!

Visit Marianne HERE to take a closer look, and to be amazed by her other creations!


Sheene said...

i love following your blog.. but this particular post really caught my attention.. i wonder if anyone can join me in making one like these adorable jewelry boxes besides altering them.. :)

benedihs said...

så nydelige de var

Joy said...

Those are absolutely adorable. Congratulations on such lovely work. Might just have to try that.

Helena said...

Oh wow, these are so cute and amazing!!! Off to stalk, ahem I mean look at her blog!!!

Aud said...

I love these boxes!♥ Marianne is an awesome crafter!!! I love her blog, she makes a lot of fab stuff all the time!