Friday, 20 February 2009

Kimberly's Creative Blog...

Gorgeous Paper Pieced Chair

Well I happened upon a real gem yesterday - Kimberly has so much beautiful, elegant and clean edged cards my head was spinning trying to choose photos to feature. Wonderfully creative with some yummy baking too! Splashes of bright pinks and lime greens mixed with simple elegant designs there is just so much to see. I went so far back in her blog, I had to stop or there would be no room left here for any more photos!!! LOL

Want to see more then click HERE and have a real good rummage around in this wonderful blog.


Dragon said...

Beautiful work!! I would not have the patience for all that paper pricking but it really is inspirational work. Thanks forfor it to us.

Sophie said...

I really love these cards !!

thanks for showing us

xxx from France


Julie Allain said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL creations !!

guzya210 said...

Wow, chicly.

Jorunn said...

Wonderful and beautiful! Love the calmness in her creations!