Thursday, 26 February 2009

What a Blog!

Personally, I can't stop myself from looking!

The blog I'd like to feature for you today belongs to a lovely lady called Anso. Her blog is here in all its glory, and boy are you going to be amazed!

The projects on this blog are absolutely fantastic - I love them all! There are cards, scrapbook pages, tutorials and other items..... lots of lovely stuff for you to peruse through... but grab your coffee first!

Here are some of the items on Anso's blog.. take a peek - you won't be disappointed I promise!

I just love the shabby chic look of this card - why do mine never turn out like this? lol.

Now, wouldn't this just have pride of place on your studio desk?
A little bit late to feature a christmas card (or could it be early???) but I just love the way this card has been put together.

And finally, as one person who always promises to try scrapbooking on a more serious note, isn't this layout just brilliant?? I love the whole thing..


Melissa Sauls said...

I've just got to say a big THANK YOU to the ladies that run this blog. This is just AWESOME inspiration!! Thank you for all your hard work. :)

Riet said...

what a gorgeous cards Jo.

hugs Riet.xx

Jennifer said...

this blog is wonderful thanks again!