Sunday, 26 April 2009

The amazing Irene Tan.

Every once in a while, an artist who really inspires us comes into our crafty lives. Someone who not only makes the most stunning pieces of art work, but who you can constantly learn from.

For me, this person is the extremely talented Irene Tan.

A mother of two from Malaysia, Irene Tan is a most gifted artist, who as she says, "loves the beauty of combining art and creativity with the magnificent world of scrapping and crafting."

This is so apparent when you look at her many gorgeous makes on her blog, which if you spend the time to study each one, you will see just how much time and care Irene must put into them.

Irene is always coming up with new techniques using a myriad of materials and ideas to achieve her breathtaking makes. What i like about Irene is that she is only too willing to share these techniques, so there is always something to learn from.

Even as a long time fan of Irene's work, i found myself unbelievably sidetracked looking through her blog whilst writing this post. Far too many lovely projects to look at, which is never a bad thing! From scrap booking and card making to altered art, Irene has something for everyone.

So pop over to Irene's blog "Scrapperlicious" and spend some time admiring her work, without which the world would be a much duller place!

Thank you Irene.


agusia.wyrwa said...


Kamilla said...

I found Irene´s blog a long time ago, and her work still stunnes me everytime, she is amazing...i just love her work!

Eve said...

Realling beautiful !!
Love it !

Chrys said...

C'est magnifique, j'adore.

Sally said...

I have had a link to this site on my blog for ages now. I love her work and am never disappointed! She is extremely talented and produces exquisite things.

Dawn said...

Irene's work is always so awesome!

Julie Allain said...

Irene is definitely an inspiration!! Absolutely amazing creations!!

Caroline and Jayne said...

WOW springs to mind thanks for sharing link x

Lynn B said...

Irene has a very great style! I was fortunate to see some of her work in person at a CKC. She is also very sharing with her techniques!! great work Irene!