Friday, 3 April 2009

Denise Stunning Creations

Aloha everyone! Today I want to introduce Denise from Denise Loves Stamps. She lives here in Hawaii. Denise is wonderfully talented and creative crafter. I love all her stunning creations. Don't you love these cute cards with cute images?

Check out these beautiful Easter boxes with Hello Kitty. I love all her paper craft with Hello Kitty. For the tutorial check here it's easy to follow. I'm sure you'll love it!

Denise is a great jewelry designer too. Look at these gorgeous beads jewelry she designed. For more of her stunning creations go and check out her beautiful blog it's full of inspirations.

I hope everyone enjoy what I share today. Have a fabulous day! Don't forget to go and say Aloha to Denise :) Thanks!

1 comment:

Julie Allain said...

What a gorgeous array of creations Arlene Thanks so much I am off to visit Denise now xx