Monday, 6 April 2009

Join in with the Inspirational Craft Raffle !!

Welcome to the first Craft Raffle on Inspirational, I would like to Thank Sarah from UK Art Raffle as I got the idea to do this from her wonderful site and she generously gave me permission to do my own.

The theme for this raffle is SPRING (As in the season)
All types of crafters are welcome to join in

The raffle will take place on 30th May 2009 and the winner will be chosen ranomly using
To take part in the raffle you simply send an item to me that has been hand crafted by you, remembering to send your details on a seperate piece of paper incase you are a winner. It would also be nice to attach some details to your item so that the winner knows where the piece originated from, maybe your name & email address or web site... this is optional.

This is open worldwide so everyone is welcome to join in but please note that I live in England so that is where you will be sending to.

IMPORTANT: Please understand that I will be sending the winning parcel/s at my own expense, therefore please make sure your craft item measures no more than 4" x 4" in size and is not too bulky or heavy

Also please note that I cannot be held responsible for any items that are lost in the post

If you would like to join in please email


Nancy said...

Great idea! Count me in!!! Yiehaaa

Ann said...

Sounds really interesting - I'd like to join in.

thanks for allowing plenty of time for this.

Ann xxx

She said...

Great idea! I've just sent you an e-mail.

TeresaW said...

Came to you via Dawn's blog, and I think this is a wonderful idea. I shall think of something to make and when done will contact you (if I don't do it that way, I may miss the deadline, and that would never do)

Sounds like fun.

jude said...

wow would love to join in sounds great

julietk said...

Count me in :-) Juliet

gina said...

Would love to join in, how many people win, or is it just one person wins all crafts sent in.?
Sorry if being a bit duh!! about this.

Julie Allain said...

Hi Gina one person will win hun x