Friday, 17 April 2009

Meet Francielle - the queen of details

In april 2008 there was a pregnant woman in Norway who got addicted to scrapbooking.
Oh well, we've all been there, but when I look back at my first LOs I get quite embarrest comparing it with Francielle's beautiful work.
Just look at the progress she've had - this is a LO she posted in her blog in November 2008:
And this is the most resent one in her blogg:
Francielle shows us that she masters the layered techniques:
and the more clean and simple:

What really amazes me though is her details. Her work is filled with small details, with small symbols and tokens. Details is not for me - but looking at these just makes me want to spend hours and hours on my work playing with the small things:

This is one of my favourites:)
A rather simple LO, with a few special details:

Keep up the good work, Francielle:)


ullpurka said...

Gratulerer så mye!

~I an Jeanie~ said...

WOW, Francielle, så utrolig kult :)
Keep up the good work :D

Lene said...

So true - a queen of details. Love her work!!!

Stå på Francielle!!!

Katrine said...

Virkelig velfortjent Francielle!!!

Vesla2 said...

Så fantastisk! Gratulerer så mye! Og jeg er virkelig enig, du er så utrolig flink!

millamy said...

bowchikkibowa.. bare helt utrolig kult da..

Linn said...

Wow, så moro!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grattis snuppa! Dette fortjener du :o) Stor klem!

Pasha said...

Du er helt rå altså!!:D Gratulerer!;)

Tone-supermonster said...

Så utrolig kult! Velfortjent skryt!!

Line Bjerk Nilsen said...

Du er såå flink!!