Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The stunning work of Paulien van den Bosch.

As a new member of the Inspirational team, but long time visitor to the site, i thought i had seen most of the amazing paper craft artists out there. However this week i discovered the work of a fantastically talented lady called Paulien van den Bosch.

Paulien is from The Netherlands, and is a mother of 3 who makes the most gorgeous creations out of whatever she touches.

By no means a stranger to Inspirational, Paulien has been featured here before, however her work is so gorgeous, i felt some of her other pieces needed to be seen too.

How sweet is this below?

Anyone who can make something as lovely as this, from something as plain as a piece of cardboard, gets my vote every time!

As with many crafters from The Netherlands, Paulien's attention to detail, and the freshness of her work shines through for all to see.

I often hear Inspirational team members say they struggle to pick pictures to showcase, when there are so many amazing pieces in one blog. Paulien van den Bosch is no different. Her blog is gorgeous to get lost in, and just when you think you have found something stunning.....another great piece pops out at you!

So take a trip to Paulien's blog here, i promise you'll find something to inspire you


Kris Dickinson said...

Amazing art!

Toni said...


alina said...

Absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helena said...

The AMAZING Paulien, I just so love visiting this woman's blog! My latest layout is based on her work, but I think I messed up, lol!

If you haven't visited then please do, you will not be disappointed.


Krissy said...

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Paulien's work is truly magnificent and beautiful and worthy of praise! WTG!