Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Caroline can scrapbook anything !

Let me introduce you to the artwork of Caroline, a french scrapbooker who has tried anything in paper art! Nothing can stop her to try new things, new material and new trends. She's one of the most productive artists I know.

She has a great ability to create the cutest gift sets:

And she's so talented for box decoration:

Anything can be scrapped. How cute are those tiny shoes!!!

Caroline also makes graceful layouts:

Her card sets show how much good taste she has:

I admire how everything she makes is just perfect, whatever is the theme, or the color set... To my eyes, Caroline is a good example of the french scrapbooking style.

And remember, she can scrap anything !!!

Visit her blog for a full wave of inspiration, there's a lot more to discover. Isn't this bird cage one of the most surprizing scrapbook creations???


Princess Gizmo said...

Oh god I fall in love with the cage!! Uber scrapbooker!! 2 thumbs up!!

Annacarin said...

Wow, it's amazing!
=) Annacarin

BloomingPink said...

Amazing work! DROOOLING over the bird cage.


Wendy Smith said...

amazing...this is talent

Cindy Major said...

Wow, I am so impressed! With Caroline's amazing creations and with your blog! What a great way to discover lots of talented crafters :D I love it - thanks for taking the time to share everyone's talent!