Saturday, 30 May 2009

Inspirational Craft Raffle

It is now time to decide who will be the winner of the lovely handmade crafts that you can see in the picture, I have deliberately tried to not show them completely as I don't want to ruin the surprise for the winner but at the same time I wanted to show the beautiful creations that I received.

There were only 6 entries for the craft raffle but it is quality that matters, not quantity and believe me the winner will be very pleased with the beautiful creations that will be coming their way.

Thank you so much to Dawn, Gina, Juliet, Lorna, Sheila & Zandra for joining in with the first craft raffle on Inspirational.

I am now going to put all six names into a list randomiser on and whoever is at number one will be the winner so I will do that now before publishing this post

Congratulations Sheila you are the lucky winner !!
Thanks once again to all of the participants :)


gina said...

congratualtions to the winner, lets spread the word for the next raffle (is there going to be another one)

Julie Allain said...

Hi Gina

I would be more than happy to run more raffles :)

Cazzy said...

Oh no I didn't know that this was happening!

Congratulations Sheila, great prize.

Cazzy x

She said...

What great news. Thank you Julie. I hope there will be more raffles - I really enjoyed taking part in this one. xx

Dawn said...

Well Done Sheila!!

zandra said...

Congrats! It was fun. Zandra

julietk said...

I was happy to join the raffle. I would love to see the other makes hopefully Shiela will show us :-) Juliet