Thursday, 28 May 2009

Meet Hannapanna:)

I have just come across this oh-so-talented Norwegian scrapbooker, Hanna, who calles her self Hannapanna.
She's not the girl who post many, many layouts in her blog, but when you are so talented as her, just a few will do to give you lots of inspiration:)

This is one of her newest work. Look at the little details like the one in the top right corner, and the black stripes around the pattern paper - just brilliant!

This is a different style for Hanna, as she mostly scrapbook in a kind of vintage layered style or in a quite colorful layered style. I hope we will se more of the simple style though, as she masters it SO well.

Hanna just won one of the challenges at the blog Scrapping the Music Norway with this layout.
What just capture my heart in this is the way she has taken the closeness between the persons in the photo and emphasizes it through the torn paper across the photo and the flowers. It's just beautiful!

Hanna is very good at finding good colours to create feelings at those who look at her layouts.
Like this one, from her bachelorettparty. Doesn't the colours just make you feel the happiness and love from her girlfriends?

The lace and roses makes the layout very feminine, and that's what a bachelorettparty can be - after all it is a girls night out:)

In Norway our national costumes are kind of sacred, and treated with lot of respect for their history and their beauty. In this layout Hanna shows off one of the costumes from the west cost.
Her choice of colours and embellishments makes an ancient feel about it.

I also love the little detail with the eyelets and flipped paper (just below the title) as this reminds me of how many of our national costums actually looks like (see photo below...)

Hanna has a beautiful daughter, and she makes bright and fun layouts with her.
This green and red one really catched my eye:

This one of her daughter in a crocodile costume is just way too funny!
The photo is just sooo fun, and the embellishments kind of make me think about toys - very clever!

She also make more delicate layouts.
I love this one!

And this is possible my favourite layout:

I just love the picture of her daughter sticking two fingers up her nose.
Haven't we all seen a kid do this? And the title says: "Are you digging for gold?"
It's just too funny:)

So all of you - go and visit sweet Hanna. Enjoy her work and give her the credit she deserves:)


Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

She reallyis very talented and so many different styles...I love the way she did the dinosaur one!! Am off to add her to my list!!

Ann said...

Beautiful work - oh so much talent.

Ann xxx

Vibeke said...

Så flink du er Hanna!!! Gratulerer så mye - velfortjent:)

Britt said...

I love the Norwegian Bunad picture. My Grandmother immigrated from Norway when she was 18. I have two of our family bunads. One I wore as a little girl and now my grandmother's. They really are a precious and beautiful tradition. I was lucky enough to wear my grandmother's on Syttende Mai in Oslo in '94. It was a wonderful experience and it is so great to see a picture that reminds me of it!

Julie Allain said...

Oh they are all fantastic!!!

Idun said...

Utrulig kult hanna :)
å det som er enda bedre er at du er min venn å en som inspirerer meg til å prøve nye ting å ikke sette seg fast.... prøv ditta du idun :;)

she is very talented, and the best part is she is mye friend ;) and my inspiration :) thansk hanna

Hanna said...

Thank you for the lovely comments and it is a great priviledge to be featured on Inspirational!:)