Saturday, 9 May 2009

Meet the oh so productive Vibeke

Noone of the scrapbookers I have on my bloglists update their blog as often as Vibeke. Almost everyday, or at least every second day, there is a new post with some new layout. But even if she scrapbook a lot, she does not lower the quality of her work.

Vibeke is a scrapbooker who doesn't stick to one style, she does them all:) But in all her one way...



Clean & simple:

Vibeke loves paint, and when she don't have a background that works for her, she simply make one, like here where she's used a mesh to create the red border around the cardboard:

Vibeke is in love with corrugated cardboard. She uses it a lot, and in many colors, with or without paint:)

But all togheter it's the colours and details that makes Vibeke's work so special:

And this is what I believe is my favourite layout (it's hard to choose just one though...):

The colours here are just soo good together, and the picture (and the girl) is so beautiful.

You inspire so many Vibeke!
And if you want to see more of Vibeke's work, visit her blog - and do so regulary as she updates it so often:)


Adrienne said...

Oh thanks!!

Francielle said...

Gratulerer så masse Vibeke. Den er så fortjent!

Aphra said...

Love your work! Congrats on your feature.

Merete said...

Må få gratulere deg her også Vibeke!!
Du ruler vettu :)

Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

I adore her work too...I have her blog on speed dial!!lol!!

Comgratulations Vibeke xxx

Anne said...

What beautiful layouts.

Gladie said...

Gratulerer, Vibeke - fordi du fortjener det :)