Friday, 1 May 2009


Wow, there have been some fantastic pieces of work being shown on here, it's been a delight to look through them all whilst I have been waiting for this lady to get back in touch with me.

The blog I would like to share with you today belongs to Ruth, and it is a jewellery blog. When I saw her jewellery, I knew I wanted to share it with you.

Isn't this just beautiful? I would love to wear this tiara if I was getting married.

And this necklace is just simply stunning!
Black and white are my sort of colours, so this bracelet is just my thing.
I hope you have fun browsing through the blog.. I know I did! Thank you Ruth for letting me feature your work.
Lots of love,
Jo x


mamaluke said...

Thank yo for featuring me JO! Such an honour!

Calv said...

Those pics are gorgeous, Ruth's a very talented lady. off to see her blog! :)

Julie Allain said...

Oh Ruth is definitely Inspirational I am an avid follower of her blog xx

Kathie said...

Yummy what a beautiful necklace!! So beautiful.

Dawn said...

Wonderful - so different and intricate