Saturday, 6 June 2009

Planted In Joy

I am delighted to have stumbled upon another treasure and I can't wait to share this rare find with you. I'd like to introduce Diane Stader.
She is a southern belle from the beautiful state of Tennessee. Recently retired, a wife, mom, mother-in-law, daughter, friend and totally devoted Child of God. You read one post and you will be overwhelmed with love from a lady we will probably never meet in person. I already feel like we have been good friends forever. I love when that happens!!!
She has so many beautiful creations I didn't know where to begin so I started with Thanksgiving because Diane is thankful for everything and everyone in her life. I love fall colors and so does Diane. Take a look at this beautiful card. I always have to enlarge the pictures so I can see all the layers and folds that makes each card unique.

Lots of times all we need is a bit of encouragement and that's what Diane is sending with this exquisite creation. Just a note to say I'm thinking of you.

Everyone who is into cardmaking loves Christmas. Why??? Maybe because red and green are so readily available. Well, take alook at these next two cards. Beautiful and elegant and I don't see red or green. Just looking at these I get such a peaceful feeling.

Winter is a time when life slows down a bit ( at least it does here where I live) and everyone is looking forward to the first signs of spring. That little dandelion one finds underneath the snow. The flock of robins that happen to stop by your front yard or that vase of colorful flowers that has it's special place in the middle of the Easter dinner table. Love the bright vibrant colors. They represent a promise to us that spring is here.

Birthdays are plentiful and Diane seems to be ready. Whether it's family or friends, they all are remembered. The difference in these two cards shows you just a bit of the artistry this lady uses. I love the diversity she uses with each card.

With Father's Day just around the corner I had to showcase this card. Diane makes that fishing line look real. One can almost feel the tug of that big bass on that hook. Won't have to go far to look for dinner.

I invite everyone to stop by Diane's blog and not only flip through the cards but read her posts. Each one is a testimony of this woman's life. She is an extraordinary lady with such a big heart and one of the happiest people I have ever happened upon. I thank you Diane, for letting me share a bit of your world with the rest of the whole world. I have enjoyed your blog tremendously and I'm sure everyone else will also. I look forward to visiting you often as I am now a follower. Diane is truly PLANTED IN JOY. I'll close out this chapter with a phrase I'm sure is not from the 60's. Diane....YOU ROCK!!!!


Jo Austin said...

wow... I am loving this lady's work! Very beautiful - especially the christmas ones.

Sorry I havne't been around much lately - will get posting again shortly xx

tennesseejoy said...

Bonnie, I am truly overwhelmed by the wonderful comments in your post. I am truly humbled by your generousity and so grateful that you introduced me to this wonderful site. Blessings to all who maintain the site. Thanks so much, Diane/Planted In Joy

Amber said...

Love the beautiful cards!!! How talented!

Eve said...

I love the Diane's creations !!
Beautiful style ;)

Julie Allain said...

Absolutely beautiful cards !!