Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hi Everyone

Sorry for the lack of posts from me.. things have just been a bit hectic in life, you know how it gets!

Anyway, I have still been browsing around the web and found lots of lovely blogs to share with you.

I'll start off with THIS one, which belongs to a lovely lady called Lou. I heard back the other day that she didn't mind if I featured her, which is great because I'm sure you're gonna love it!

When I first found Lou's blog, I totally fell in love with this card. The shape is so different to what you normally find, and it's just so cute.

This was my next favourite. I love the way the elements and colouring go together - I've seen lots of folks use this stamp, but they never catch my eye like this one did.

Quite simple, but very very stylish. The colours just say Christmas don't they?

I'm sure you'll love her projects too. so why not nip over and say HI.. I'm sure Lou would love to hear from you all. The blog link is Lulu's Cardmaking.


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Well done Lou!! But then you've always been Inspirational xx

Julie Allain said...

They are all wonderful, I'm heading over to check out Lou's blog now Thanks Jo :)

SundayL said...

These are lovely, I see what you mean about the "truck" card... I love shaped cards!

icandy... said...

Very sweet!

Kamilla said...

Wow these are lovley :)
Popping over, to the blog!