Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Perfect Paper Blessings

Good evening everyone and wow, I can't believe I have found another amazing ... and I mean AMAZING!! crafter whose colouration is just jaw dropping perfect!! Let me introduce you to the wonderful Melanie from Paper Blessings, an amazing talent I am sure you will agree.

A visit to her blog is well worth the time to see these fabulous creations in close up and to drool over the sheer beauty of them.

The shading that Melanie achieves is incredible and I am so in awe of her skills. We can all appreciate wonderful work when we see it can't we.

I truly believe these cards show copics at their absolute best - I think we will be far pushed to find better examples of light and shade and just such an amazing understanding of colour.

Please, please do pop over and say hello to Melanie - you will be very glad you did. Thankyou so much for allowing me to share just a few of your gorgeous cards with everyone.
Marcea xxx


Phebe Meeder said...


nimucha said...

Amazing cards!!! Beautiful!!!

Chrys said...

Beautiful !!!

Caroline and Jayne said...

This blog is amazing there are some tallented crafters shown. We have a competition running where crafters can win a years subscription to a craft magazine
check out
jayne xx

Marlene said...

Beautiful work!

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, Marcea!! Thank you so much for featuring some of my cards here on Inspirational! Honestly, I sat here blushing something fierce as I read your post. You are so very sweet! What an honour to be featured among so many amazingly talented artists. I've been looking back at past posts, and have been completely awed by the level of creativity displayed here on this blog! Thank you again...I truly appreciate the recognition.

All the best!

Melanie Holtz

Anonymous said...

Amazing cards!! Stunning!

Julie Allain said...

Oh my !!

Absolutely beautiful cards and WOW the colouring is superb and so professional


Summerthyme Studio said...

An amazing choice! Melanie is one talented lady for sure!!!


Kim said...

CONGRATS Melanie! Melanie definitely deserves to be featured here her work is always stunning and breath taking!!!
Hugs~ Kim

Krista said...

WELL WELL DESERVED! We are all so lucky to be able to get such amazing inspiration from such a talented gal! Congrats Mel!
Hugs Krista!

Carmen said...

Incredible job!