Saturday, 17 April 2010

Meet Karla and The Paper Caper

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great day. It's Anthonette here to introduce to another one of my favorite inspirational paper crafters. I'd like you to meet Karla Maynard from The Paper Caper. I've been following Karla's work for over 18 months. I first became familiar with her because of Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration challenges. Karla's work is fresh and fun and was in Kristina's Top Picks more than a few times.

Within the last year, Karla and her husband packed up and moved to Islamabad Pakistan. Karla wasn't able to take all her crafting supplies with her, so I'm even more impressed with her work now. She works with less and yet comes up with fantastic designs.

I asked Karla to describe her style. She said:
Living abroad is an adventure and so is being able to find materials. So my style is very simple clean and uncomplicated. I try to use all the bits of materials and papers I have, as well as whatever I can find at home to make a card work. Actually, it doesn't always make it, but it is fun and worth trying.

Here's more of her work. Enjoy.

Please stop by Karla's blog today and tell her you saw her on Inspirational. Thanks and have a good one!


Lill said...

Very nice!!!
have a great weekend

elina said...

wow these are really beautiful cards!!

מיכל שובל said...

Less is more...
Loved the style with white background

Julie Allain said...

Less can definitely be more and these cards really work well, perfectly balanced and classy !!