Saturday, 18 April 2009

Analise's sweet and sugar creations

There is always a moment when a girl needs some sugary sweetness. When I feel this urge, I go visit Analise. Her blog is 100% sugar! She's the queen of pink and blue, and her creations are pure sweetness. Every single thing she does is incredibly cute.

Her style is definitely vintage, like a sweet perfume reminding old good time, when life was easier... Her creations are amazing because you can feel that every single piece of stuff is lovingly chosen. Analise is in love with vintage craft material, and if you go visit her blog, you'll understand quickly how far goes this love.

If I have to give a prize to the sweetest banners in the world, the ones she creates would easily win! I highly recommand to discover the details on those banners below. I adore the pink string candies, the fabric hearts, the ballerina, the tiny candles, and ok, every single piece!

My all-time favorite, I wish I can show it bigger :

Visit Analise's blog for full details, and prepare yourself to a flood a pink sugary sweetness. I'm not joking! And beware... that's addicting! :)


Alina said...

Absolutely gorgeous creations!

Gillian .... said...

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous artwork.

Unknown said...

WOW They are all wonderful creations !!