Sunday, 17 May 2009

A Winding Country Road

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it's a color, a small piece of cloth, a bird sitting on the fence, a certain smell, a laugh in a crowd that brings back a memory. That's the greatest thing about scrapping or card making and everything in between. Everyone is different. Everyone and every creation is unique in it's own way. We might all use the same kit but everything we put together is in some little way, different. Don't you love this wonderful life? Well, I want you to meet Amber Goble, The Country Scrapper. This is one young lady that squeezes every second out of everyday and
uses every scrap of paper until its gone.

Amber honestly is a "Country Girl" and wears that title proudly. The picture above is from her backyard. What an inspiration is that? She has been a scrapper for many years but only card making and blogging for almost a year now. I love the little snowman and his Christmas tree. If you know Amber you will know that she is a perfectionist. Every little paper edge has to be just right.

She loves all the Holidays. Says each one has so many different colors to work with.

A valentine here and valentine there. She can't forget the doggies though, they get their treats first. How cute is that?

Amber tends to work with the brightest of colors. She makes every item just stand out as if that's the only one she has ever made.She will confess that Easter is her favorite time of year. The smell of spring in the air, the last melting snowpile and her little farm comes to life with new life. The way it's suppose to be.

She loved making this little purse. It was something new to her. Love the ribbon and how she brought the red to tie in.

Here she put together a mini album of her little family. The doggies always have to be there.

Did I mention cooking??? Well, she is one that loves the smell of oven baked goodies. These Christmas Cookies look good enough to eat. Check out this homemade chicken chowder in it's own little bread bowl. Would I try that? No Way. I might enjoy eating it!!!!

Just think...all this began with an idea and a piece of paper. Her scrapbook layouts are awesome. I'm sharing a few of these with you. The first one is a dog she rescued from an abusive owner. She is definitely in doggie heaven now!!!

The 2nd is her and her hubby on Easter morning getting ready to go to Sunrise Service.

The 3rd is with her Papa, he is truly her hero.

I've left loads of items on her blog so don't take my word. Go check out her beautiful creations. Amber just happens to be my daughter and I know she is sure an inspiration to me. If not for her, I wouldn't be crafting at all. I told her all those years I picked up paper, scissors and glue she had me in training. I just didn't realize it at the time.


Unknown said...

Oh what a great selection !!

Beth said...

Congrats Amber so good to see your artwork here and may I say it is all stunning beautiful.