Monday 29 June 2009

I introduce Ravenpainting from Lori Saul

I came upon this talented artist, at Ravenpainting, through my challenge blog at DragonsDream Tag it On, when she began to take up my themes. She produces wonderful pieces, and I want to share her latest entry with you. My theme this week has been "Eternal Goddess" and this lovely tag was what she came up with. Striking isn't it??!!

What a lovely name, too, Lori Saul... she is an artist who likes to express herself in as many ways as possible, and I can only share with you, a fraction of what she creates. Dominoes, soldered work, digital, stamped etc etc. She says she is a wife, mother and lover of all things beautiful., and the computer has given her a new voice for that expression.

These dominoes were made using alcohol inks and stamps. The colours she uses are so vibrant.

The Forest Spirit was created digitally using many different elements, including ferns from Lori Saul's own garden.

This piece is one of my favourites. She made a fimo doll face and photographed it. Then she added it to the batik collage she had made. Such a lovely interpretation of the theme which inspired her.

Woo, this one is so exciting!! So vibrant and exotic... layers of paint, fabric, tissue, ribbons and such go to make this piece. So intricate...

I chose this one for the form and colour, as well as the oriental subject matter (well, nothing new there then!!) I have found so much detail in this piece, it looks like silk.

And last, but not least, glass!! Soldered glass candle holder, cut, ground and fitted together into this wonderfully colourful shape. Lori Saul, I love your work and I think everyone who visits your blog will agree with me. ENJOY and take the time!!!

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