Friday, 19 June 2009

Meet the amazing Anne Kristine

I'm so happy to show off one of my favourite scrapbookers, please meet Anne Kristine from Norway, also known as aksh :) Anne Kristine has been featured here once before with her amazing Christmas card in 2008, but she really deserves a bigger place here!

I have now been looking in her blog for days, and everytime I visit I find some work that captures my heart. I'm waiting for a rainyday now, with no work or husband at home, just to spend hours and hours studying her work. She is just amazing!

Anne Kristine makes beautiful cards, just look at these - wouldn't you love to recieve one of these in the mail?

Isn't this card made for her grandson fun? It's so cool how she has included all the little things he like in the card, and still made a little art piece out of it:)

As I'm pretty content making a nice front of a card, she even makes small artwork inside:

The cards are lovely - but so are also her LO's.
I'm not quite sure how I would describe her style, but I guess it would be hybrid between vintage and clean and simple. This is what I think makes Anne Kristine's work so special. In a time when vintage and lots of layers is very popular in Norway she kind of restrains her self, and only make the small hints of layers and vintage. And it just works so beautifuly:

Don't you just love the effect of the note paper peeking through the background paper, the little lace by the photo and her beautiful flowers?

This one just speaks for it self:
This page about Anne Kristine's granddaughter who want so learn to read is just so great!
Doesn't it seem like you are reading a book?
It's just so cleaver!
This is also an good example of the vintage style meeting a simplier style:
The way she has included the old fabric with the lace in a LO with more bright colours is so cool. I loooove the effect!

Anne Krisine is really good at including old pieces of fabric. Looking at her pages makes me regret all the fabric I have trown away over the years, and makes me long for fleamarkets...
Even if Anne Kristine mostly scrapbook in delicate colours, she also have some LOs with more color. This one is just way too cute:

Though delicat colours, Anne Kristine has lots of colours in her details.
And her details - wow! They are small pieces of art in them self!

I just love the effect with the dollie that she has painted with gesso, and the papercup (that you use while baking cupcakes)

In my head Anne Kristine must have a really beautiful home!
I'm imagening it as her scrapbooking, simple but with lots of vintage effects and some spots of bright colors. And her walls are decorated with beautiful wallhangings, made by herself of course:) I never make wallhangings of my own, but I sure will try after seeing her work:

And this calendar is just way too lovely to just last for one year:

As usual I'd like to show you my favourites of her work, but this time it was so hard so choose, so I have to show you two.

The first is this home decor project.
Anne Kristine has used an old jar (of a kind that is very common in Norway) and inside is a picture of her beautiful granddaughter. She has made her into a fairy by adding wings made of old book pages - pretty smart!

My other fav is this layout of her daughter in New York:
The way she has made her background almost makes me feel how cold it must be.
And I love the way she has made it so simple, but still very funky in way - perfect for a picture of a girl that age!

Make sure you have lots of time when you go and visit her blog, and you can just as well add her to your bloglist, as this is one scrapbooker you don't want to forget!
Rembember to leave her some kind words and give her the credit she really deserves:)


Lene - nabon said...

Just amasing!!!

Love all your work, and hope we meet on a crop soon!

Torill said...

She is one of my favorite scrapper! She is sooooo talented and realy deserved this fame:0)

I hope I can meet her on a crop, too!

Inger said...

SHe is a big inspiration for me, and many others I know!
I can sit for hours looking at her blog:))

Vibeke said...

Anne is my favorite scrapper!!:)

Anne M said...

She is absolut one of my favorite scrappers!! I love all she made, a lot of inspiration in her blog!!

Anne Bente said...

just amising i love Annes work

Hannemor said...

I just love your work, Anne! ♥

Daniel August said...

She deserves it so much!!

Love her art, and it is always inspirational to peek through her blog! She is brightly talented! ;P

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

Love her work!Thank you for sharing.

Rita said...

Brilliant work.
Keep on creating darl.
Love Rita xxx

Sam said...

C'est un style inimitable ! Que du bonheur pour les yeux !...

Chimene said...

I love her art work!!!
Sooo beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Totally beautiful creations!!