Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sideshow Twins

Emily is part of Plush Team a site that has challanges for it's members to do stuffed "animals", or softies on different themes. Plus Team is a group of plush artists who sell on Etsy.
So for the theme Sideshow Emily did this:

Isn't it amazing? I love the detail, especially on the eyes. and to give the girls their own bear! Darling.

Emily has a whole background story for these girls you must go read it at her blog HERE. The story explains why one girl is happy, and the other sad, and explains the bear as well and why he's missing an eye. I know you are tempted, go check it out.

While you are there click around, this awesome doll is just a sampling of Emily's genious.


Debbie said...

Hi. Found you on Inspirational. These twins are truly amazing. I read the story, it really 'brings them to life.' I love your blog, especially the old photos.

Love Debbie xx

Lydia said...

Fantastic !! ^.^ Love the story about them :)

Julie said...

Brilliant...I wanted the story to go on lol :)

Erin K said...

I know I've already commented, it was my post. But my son just saw them and here's what he said:

I love that mommy! That's one shirt and two dolls! And one is happy and one is sad. The sad one doesn't have a bear, you should get it a bear, then it can be happy!

So there you have it, commentary from my 3 year old son. *I have this type of commentary CONSTANTLY by the way*