Monday, 17 November 2008

Ana's African Inspired Jewellery

Ana makes wonderful jewellery but this necklace and earring set is truly inventive - made from a paper bag - (I had to read it twice to make sure!) brought from Africa and folded using Origami she has created a little gem! The necklace also has Macrame knots, beads and plaiting. Amazing what you can create with lots of creativity and imagination. You can see the rest of Ana's work HERE


Ruth Philps said...

I have just finished a short jewellery making course but we certainly didn't do anything this inventive!!
Am off to have a look at how she made this stunning piece!!

NatashaMay said...

Amazing jewelery. Hard to image it) s made out of a paper bag. Stunning!
x Natasha x

Unknown said...

Oh my... this is really beautiful!!!!

Unknown said...


How amazing!!!

melody said...

wow ~ that is amazing..and made out of paper! WOWZA