Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Beautiful Pages by Hegeal

This scrapbooker (and occasional cardmaker) just has to be the most talented I have come across in a long time. Hegeal has such a delicate, almost vintage style which is very original. The attention to detail is wonderful and each layout she produces is breathtaking.

The majority of her work features pinks and girly themes, but as a mother to two boys and just one girl, she has to venture into the masculine themes sometimes, with outstanding results.

Although Hegeal is from Norway, her photo's do all the explaining and even if you don't speak her language you will simply be captivated by her style.

In Hegeal's words, she loves 'to use different color combos, anything to create a contrast. I'm addicted to rough the edges of my work. It doesn't matter if it is a cool boy page or a sweet girly page. I don't follow any "rules" when it comes to putting flowers on boy pages or on a winter page. I just use whatever I think looks cool...'

Many of her pages feature 'unusual' embelishments such as the money and in this page below and the corrigated card above.

To view an uncountable number of gorgeous pages just like these, visit Hegeal's blog. I can promise you that you'll never visit just the once.


Julie Allain said...

WOW !!

Stunning creations I am off to visit Hegeal's blog now

Thanks Lou x

Carrin said...

This girl, is just amazing!!!

Gro aka emrille said...

Hege is just SO good!!!

Aquarell said...

Her style is so amazing!:D

Dragon said...

WOW, this work is truely lovely. I hope I can find some things as gorgeous. Off to see more of this girl's work.

finnabair said...

stunning..I love her style - she is amazing! I have to see her blog!

Dawn said...

Stunning work!!

Anonymous said...

hege is one of mye favorite scrapbookers! I love her work and the best of all, she´s a norwegian, just as me;)