Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Joining the Inspirational Team are.....

Welcome to the team,
Please email inspirational.blogs@gmail.com and I will send you all the information that you need and invite you to become authors of this blog :)

Thank you so much to everyone who asked to join the Inspirational Team there will be more chances in the future and I hope you'll continue to visit here

Julie x


Ann said...

oh my I am absolutely thrilled to bits - I never in a hundred years thought that I would even be considered for this. Oh wow what an honour.

Thank you thank you thank you. I will be emailing as soon as I have floated down from cloud nine.

Ann xxx

CraftyC said...

Woohoo, Thankyou so much from me. Am thrilled to be a part of your team. I also didn't think I stood a chance but I truly believe that the inspiration and talent out there has got me to the level I am at today. Certainly come along way and its all down to the fab bloggers out there!

Anonymous said...

That is the best news to wake up to! Thank you so much! This is such a wonderful oppertunity! Ohhh, I am thrilled!!
Lou XX

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

Oh wow! I am soo happy to be part of the Inspirational Team! Blog hopping and Inspiration, I am in heaven!

Thanks so much

hugs mandyxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Julie, I was so surprised and excited to see your message. Looking forward to getting to know the other team members and being part of such an inspirational team!

Marcea said...

OMG thankyou so much, I truly feel so honoured and cannot wait to share all the fabulous creations that are out there in blogland :o)
I am over the moon and totally surprised ... but very happy !!!!

Marcea said...

oops, meant to say congratulations to everyone else too!!

Emeline said...

Wohoo... that's... incredible!!!
Congratulations to every chosen girl. This is the best way to begin the day! :) Thank you so much!!

Rleen said...

WOW! What a pleasant surprised... I never thought that I join in this awesome Inspirational Team what an honour. Julie, thank you so much! This is such a wonderful opportunity. I'm so excited to share some Inspirational blogs.
Congrats to all the New Inspirational Team!

Dragon said...

Only just be told/found out about this. I am so excited and pleased to be chosen. Thanks. Can't wait now to get looking around even more!!!

Love and light

Danielle said...

Ok, I think I have calmed down enough now to be able to leave a comment. I am honored and blessed to be a part of the team. Congratulations to everyone who is joining the team also!
Many Blessings~~~Danielle

Bonnie said...

I logged on early this morning and as usual visited Inspirational. I was reading the names of the new members. I had no idea until I clicked on my name. My mouth dropped open!!! I am so excited to have been chosen and I can't wait to get started. Thank you so very much.

Sarah said...

Thank you for picking me!
Congrats to all the other girls :)

Tessa said...

congrats ladies!!!

Gro aka emrille said...

I didn't think this would happen...
Thank you so much for picking me:)
Congrats to all the other of you too:)

Gillian said...

What a lovely surprise to come home too, absolutely thrilled to be part of the Inspirational Team, Congratulations to all the new team members:)

Shonna said...

Thanks so much!! I feel honored to have been chosen along with other such wonderful women. I am very excited to take the next step.

Nancy said...

Whoooo, great news! I'm so excited! (Imagine me jumping up and down in my scraproom). Congrats to all the other lucky ladies.

Ewonne said...

Thanks Julie! I'm really glad to be on this team! ♥

Calv said...

A huge thank you Julie :)

It's great to be part of such a great site with so much inspiration to look at!

Much appreciated, and congrats to the rest of team too! :)

Dawn said...

Welcome on board the Inspirational Train!!