Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Inspiration At The Paper Posey

This is my second post, and I am so excited to share with you tdoay this amazing woman, and the creations that she handmakes. They are not only inspirational, they are glorious. Each detail is precise, every piece of glitter perfectly placed. Her eye for the littlest item was a marvel. Her creations are more like masterpieces than just crafts. I would like to introduce you to Shellye from the Paper Posey and The Papered Cottage. I was very blessed to become acquainted with Shellye, and even though I loved her layouts and such, I was very clueless as to what she was most capable of. One day, while blog browsing, I came upon hers. She had posted some of her amazing creations, and I was fascinated and overtaken by the beauty. The complete vintage, intricate designs capture a time period long forgotten. In each design, you can see how delicate she has been with each creation. Here, let her work speak for it self:

If after experiencing these, you would like to discover more about Shellye and her designs, please click on the links above. Let me say also that the genuine beauty in her creations is because it is directly linked to her own.

Thank you, once again, for stopping by. I hope that you haved enjoyed Shellye's work as much as I do, and I hope that you will visit her links as there are more treasures waiting.

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Helena said...

Oh wow this blog is fantastic, great find!