Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Welcome to Kris... another Inspirational Artist

I am proud to present Kris, whose blog, Nostaligic Collage, is so well worth visiting. Kris is an artist from Colorado in the United States. She is a stamper, par excellence, and loves vintage, nostalgic, retro and collage, hence her blog title! Amongst other things, she likes to make moos and twinchies, which she then often adds to an ATC, like the example above.

I love this postcard, which Kris made for a Sunday challenge. It is so well put together and so pretty, don't you think? Such soft, appropriate colours for "Swan Lake".

Kris has such a great style, and a fabulous eye for composition and balance - as well as a "thing" for Marie Antoinette!! The arch was made for an arch challenge, and the set of ATCs were a swap. They are so well matched, yet very individual.

I can not do justice to this published artist, here, in such a few pictures, but I hope you agree with me, that her work is fantastic, and that you go along to her blog, and have a time to browse. Oh! and congratulations, Kris, on your blogaversery on your second blog!!
Love and light


Lynn B said...

very beautiful work! Such a great style!

Nancy Lee Malay said...

What a lovely blog, with so much inspiration!!


Kris Dickinson said...

I am very honored to be featured on Inspirational. Thank you so much Frankie! - Kris Dickinson

Anne Marie said...

I just found her today :)

she is very cute!

Karen Valentine said...

Thank you so much for featuring Kris's work. She truly deserves it!!!

Stacy said...

Kris is amazing! She creates so much and ALL of her work is FABULOUS!! We are so lucky to be able to view her work for free - it is superior to what is generally found in books and magazines!