Friday, 8 May 2009

Meet you at Laurels Place?

From the day I started visiting other people blogs, I have been following Laurels Blog, 'Laurels Place'. The cards she produces are amazing, and I have always loved her style.
Laurel has a clean, bold style, but also adds the odd touch of elegance too. Just look at these fabulous creations...

Laurel is a teacher, as well as a Close To My Heart consultant, and a mother of two, so it is a miricle she has the time to do any crafting, let alone produce such wonderful pieces!

Laurel often uses sketches and challenges to inspire her, and this way she shows us how a simple base can be transformed into something beautiful!

So why not join nearly a hundred other followers, and take a look at Laurels Place. You are sure to be inspired, whatever your style!


Denise said...

I love to visit Laurel's blog!!! So glad you featured her!! She's amazingly talented, WTG Laurel!!!!

Jane ... said...

What a wise choice! I also follow Laurel's blog and am constantly inspired. Congrats, Laurel!

Sarah said...

Laurel Rocks!!!