Friday, 8 May 2009

Please Meet Viola

Here is a detail from the piece above. Such beautiful little bits she has included!

Viola, from Germany, is very talented, as we can see here with her work. Her blog, Viola, is well worth a visit, but unfortunately she does not tell us HOW she does these beautiful pieces... below, is a lovely piece made for her mother.

Viola's mixed media work is so beautiful. This piece, below, is very powerful, I think. Such detail, as I said before. I notice she uses this lady a couple of times, so she appears to be a favourite.

Her work has several pieces featuring birds. Here, below, are just a few. I LOVE the green one, and I understand Viola does not do green that much!!! I feel she should, don't you?

Sorry I can't give you any more information about Viola, as she does not tell us much about herself. However, her work speaks loud and clear, so please go and take a look, it's well worth your time - ENJOY!!
Love and Light


Lynn B said...

what beauiful work! I love the softness to her creations! Such a great find! thanks for sharing!

TonyaA said...

Wow! I love her creations! Stunning works!
Blessings, peace, and love to you,