Sunday, 29 November 2009

Meet the colourful nurse...

In Norway there is a talented photograper and scrapbooker who calls herself Sykepleier (translated to English: Nurse). I've wanted to show of Linn Kristine's work for a long time now, as I'm a huge fan! So, here we go:)

There is especially two thing I love about Linn Kristine's work; her colorful and playful style, and the way she documents all sides of her life.

With photos that most of us would use with a babypink layout, Linn Kristine pulls out her bright pattern papers and make layouts that just wanna make you smile:)

I would love to go through her albums, they must be filled with layouts that captures the colours and patterns and small things that kids just love:

And though I just love her bright pages Linn Kristine also make the the most beautiful pages in pastels.

The ones I want to show you here have lots of journaling. Linn Kristine makes pages where she telles the stories that the photos can't tell in the future, like how her eldest daughter is afraid of the dark and what size of shoes she wears at age 3,5.

The first time I saw this one I almost started to cry...
It's about the downside of having siblings, the feeling that a little sister is loved more and the struggle to accept a new member of the family. What I really love about this one is how Linn Kristine writes the journaling from her daughter's view.

The photo in this one shows how brilliant her photos can be - the angle with the baby's head in forground and the pouting big sister in focus.
Linn Kristine's blog is filled with her amazing photos - make sure to stop by to get some inspiration on new angles and new motives:)


Vibeke said...

Gratulerer så mye Linn!!!
Velfortjent!! Jeg digger det du lager!!:)

Hanna said...

Velfortjent Linn:) Du lager de flotteste LOer:) Gratulerer så mye:)

Helen said...

I've just come across this blog - Thank You! It's great - really beautiful ideas!!

Wenche said...

Supert å se noen sette ord på det jeg også opplever med bloggen din, Linn!
Du er kjempeflink!