Thursday, 7 May 2009

Maygreen Fairies to make your heart melt!

Just like fairies in real find them you lose them you find them again........

I'm sure I loved fairies as a child and then I became too cool for them as a teenager. As an adult I now secretly melt inside when I find beautiful artworks like these!! So when I discovered Maygreen Fairies with the cutest images tucked into little boxes, dancing in glass jars and popping their heads over a bookmark I suddenly felt like a little girl again.

Amanda is a homegrown talent of an international standard...she has been published many times and her work can be seen in Lisa Kettells Art Circus book. A book for seriously talented altered artists.

I just adore the translucent yet realistic quality to these little beings!!

From boudouir babes to bottles Amanda will alter a modern photo or use a vintage original to create her images. She is a technical whiz with photoshop too and can turn an everyday photo into a magical masterpiece. Now wouldn't you just love to scrapbook with these!!

To visit Maygreen Fairies and find more hidden gems inside little boxes click HERE


Tamikko said...

I'm afraid the link for this artist's site is not working. I really don't think it's just me. Can't wait to check out her amazing work. I love faries.

Carolyn said...

The link doesn't work for me either : (

Julie Allain said...

Try now ladies :)

WOW they are exquisite creations and a wonderful blog !!

glitterangel said...

Wow, what amazing pieces, truly fabulous! What a find.

Tracey said...

ohhhhh wooow your work is fantastic your fairies are the best ive ever seen wooooow
angel wishes Tracey x

MaygreenFairies said...

Ohhhh Ladies, thank you so much for your lovely comments, I am so, so touched. And to all the writers of this wonderful blog, A HUGE THANKYOU for showcasing my art here, sending you all huge fairy blessings. Mandy xx

faerie enchantment said...

Amanda is a truly amazing artist and her work is beyond magical!

I just love your blog!

Magic and Joy!

Wanda Hickman said...

I love the idea of featuring inspirational crafters. Thanks for sharing!